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tv   [untitled]    September 1, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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there, they are ad heerpg to the rules and regulations set forth, and i think we can work with thesm now and in the future to sit down and have conversation such as the to the last lady eloquently said, we can take pieces of this report and look to better our position as the -- position. as the operational chief, i want to work with them. no one is going to discournt your willingness to do a -- no one is going to discount your willingness to do a good job. we also have to look at the rules and regulations and realize that what the police department is asking you to do can follow the rules and regulations.
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we will work closely with the patrol sperbles. -- specials. i don't think there is anyone out here that doesn't think you are doing the best job you can. i and university just wanted you to know that. >> there are certainly benefits there, but i guess the rort, just give you the last word on this. i also listen today some videos and i also listened to some 911 calls. that isn't within the per view. so those are kenchs concerns. i want to ask you about jsh you mentioned the bias you have. i think it was a pretty thorough report. there are skierous issues we have to guss.
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and the last, i how do we enforce the commission rules? we have just had these blatant vie racial legislations and other then bringing them up on zphrorge if there is oots way -- actually the commission can enforce these rules on a daily basis. that's the plob i have, is accountability. >> we do not assess the vat ewe. they are now providing a service that is utilized and can be utilized by the commission orp -- or the police department. under the correction direction
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and control of the police department. that is different than a private entity. >> certainly the police can at any time can enter groups. this is something that is very good going on in the city. here in the city you call it n.e.r. t. on the east coast, we call it same, c.e.r. t. ergesy response team. -- neighborhood emergency response team. the issue about bias, i'm not sure i work -- i certainly do not work for the p.o. a. this was under the direction and control of the controllers
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office, and that's who we report to and work for in this study. so i appreciate you letting us make that pot point of plirks clarification. one of the other things under that bias and a notion that we didn't meet with community groups, we were working here in san francisco since july 2007. we actually exceeded the expectation of the city for the number of community meetings that we would go to, and in fact, we went to meetings in the middle of the night that citizens asked us to, and we went to community meetings all over the city. not the deppingt and -- not the depth and and breath that we did with the foot patrols. so that aside, the issue of monitoring. pause you have, all of you as volunteer commissioners, and then you have a limited staff, your monitoring is going to be a
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difficult task. we have seen the lack of compliance. while their new president said they are trying starting to keep scrimestats. that doesn't give you what you need foring principles. i think it is great that they have done it for individual clibets -- individual clients, but on the monitoring piece, unfortunately you have will have to put more work on the district captain's level level for their checking in. it is just like you to if there is not officer -- if there is an officer on the street. so on that particular issue,ively, i can't give you an easy way to do that. it is actually going to take more resources on your behalf to do that.
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there are currently seven cases under review. vice president mazzucco: briefly, part of the problem of what we have been dealing with here is the lack of compliance in patrol special officers. i hear a little about the lack of trust, but as we stand, the police scommigs is advising and sprfering you, you have no choice but to turn over your client list so we can ensure that the clients are being treated fairly. i echo what the police talked about. you are working very hard to do a good job for the community, with you -- but the constant failure to deal by the rules is causing problems.
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in are officers in this room who are good hard working officers. there are patrol officers in this room that i have seen out of uniform frequently, on many occasions. del are patrol officers in this -- there are patrol officers in this room tonight that parked their car in the wrong place where it shouldn't be parked. there are patrol officers that refuse to turn over -- to show insurance. you have to work with us and work with the los angeles police department to get anything aaccomplished. it's not you against us. this report was ordered because we were told we don't know how many patrol special officers there were. rewe are sprfering this, and we had no idea quha you are getting paid.
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patrol special officers have done great things. you are complicating the system now and complicating the whole process. unfortunately for you, due to your lack of partial in this report, it is a very negative report. and it basically has confirmed all the stories we have been cold. the best way for you to continue with this process, you cannot be out of uneyorm. i cannot walk down the block and see one of you -- you have to play by the rules. that's why we have in report. it is an excellent report. there are liability concerns. some serious issues that we need to deal with. in is inadequate sfrange. -- the lack of support has
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caused a lot of problems, and that has to stop. so it is a great report, but you are making it difficult for us right now. you need to start to comply. >> on the issue of transparancy that you talked about and turning over the 4ri69, hoo herein lies part of the conflict. the private clients of this private group, the patrol specials, wish to remain private. in order to do zoo, they should not be under the city. they brought up 10-b. if someone hires 10-b, that is transf transparent like the rest of your government, someone can ask, who highered the 10-b, what
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the service was for, and how much it costs. here is the difference between the patrol spernls operating under the city. they want their client lists to be private. that's ok. it is ok for a private sten to bapt to stay private, but they sl be doing so under the prifescombriff of the private companies -- under the private companies of the -- if women want to remain private, you can't do so under this city's government. it is all transpearnt. president marshall: is there anything else? commissioner dejesus: no. president marshall: for me, again, we have had this come up. for a while. the fundamental issues you pointed out are really eye-opening.
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its fundamental piece, very, very revealing here. i tell you this, i appreciate the report making a recommendation, and i appreciate the tiered recommendation that you made. then you made some interim recommendations. it does give the commission some thoughts. we will look at it again. i personally want to thank you for all the work you have put into this and for the recommendations you have come up with.
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commissioner chan: i want to throw it out to my -- there was a date thrown out of october 6. all th depends -- call depends. i have received packets from patrol specials in the community. i would like to give you more of a chance to respond. in that response, i was curious as to your response to the specific recommendations. of those violations, and i agree, that there are a lot of violations. of those violations, what can you do? is there an organization or a process for that? i am curious, and i would like that response, and i want to pose it to my fellow scommigsers as to a timeline and i -- i don't bant to take up that twhole other meeting, i just
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think it should be part of a future meeting. >> my thought is, first of all, your work is -- it is not your job, i guess, to tell us where to go in the future. your report does that. is that my understanding. >> the final bit of my contract is to deliver the report. pco questions. officially, turning over the report concludes the scope of work fwor this project. president marshall: do you want to hear thoughts on how to proceed here?
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commissioner dejesus: i would very much like to hear in a more thorough way a response from the special patrols in response to the specifics in the report but in writing. and perhaps if someone could take the leadership in doing that, and then also addressing specifically and in a quantity at a timive fashion the benfits in terms of cost. a number of the issues. the commission could be more specific. in terms of timing, i would suggest the commission has already indicated that we are going to have a police commission retreat soon, and we are going to set prore priorities, and we wait until that time to determine where this fits in terms of where we
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want to hear this issue and set a deadline for a response. coming from the special pafrols. and what we want to see in that response, specifically, but we determine that time and date at our retreath. -- retreat. president marshall: we can always have this type of foreyum. -- forum. i would be careful to craft exactly what we want. i think we ought to be clear. i think a good time to do that would be the retreat.
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i would think -- i did have thoughts about maybe putting a commeet committee of a couple together to look at it. we don't have to do that tonight, but i think a retreat is a good time to look at this issue which is coming up very soon. it is not var away. it is hopefully the end of september. that's our plan here. until i would ask the commission, would that be ok? >> the end of september is whether we are talking about the retreat. i know mr. hammer did want to be here. he was the one that asked that it just be a discussion. a discussion item instead of an action item. i don't want -- mind if we we wait until the retreat but there are a lot of serious issueses raised. i would like to hear from them as soon as possible.
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we have to decide on low to go forward from here. whether we need to alter the rules immediately and what areas -- if we do, what areas we need to alter. >> i would like to lear more from the department in terms of -- if they are not complying, what's your alternative. do you just file charges? there is no in between that just the amer comes down before the commission which creates yeats a -- a lot more money and time. maybe we should consider the rules that maybe there is an interim kind of action. i agree we should discuss it there but have it soon thereafter. >> we have to figure out what we can and can't do. we don't get a lot of these.
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president marshall: if the public can wait a while, we will try to have something for you after the retreat and come back with how we will proceed with this particular matter. >> that's helpful. thank you. if you want to get your voice heard, you can send your statements. i am definitely ready to talk about this at the retreat. >> thank you commissioners.
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president marshall: we can go back to item number 4.
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lieutenant reilly: we move back to item number 4, under which we have 4-a, the chief's report, 4-b, the o.c.c. director's report, and 4-credit, the commission reports. president marshall: you are up. >> president, police commissioners, director hicks, i'm going to give you a report on the crime stats. year to date as of august 28, we're down 4% of violent crime, which is 192 less violent crimes. homicides we are down. which we have to take into consideration that last year's homicide rate was lower than 40 years prior. so it was a significant reduction in homicides.
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violent crime down 4%. burglary, theft, motor vehicles down 19%. personal theft to others is up 2%, with 163 more theft crimes this year than last year. for a total crime watch of -- less crime year to date this year than last area. our aare slightly down 12%. that will be my report. >> any queds for the commeef -- any questions. >> the homeless man, do we have more information on his neck at this time.
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>> we don't have information that i can talk about if right now due to the investigation still on itgoing, the victim was a resident of that park and had been in that park several years and a lot of people knew him in that park. we have leads and references of some other people that were in the park. and that's what we're trying to run do you now. what happened, and what doesed that. >> ok. thank you. president marshall: 4-b. >> thank you, president
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marshall. i'm happy to be patient. good evening, president marshall, members of the police commission. this evening i will briefly talk about complaint statistics and mediation stirks -- statistics. yesterday the o.c.c. -- opened 26 mere cases than we have closed. during the same period last year, we opened 685 cases and closed 701 cases. this is an 11% decrease in cases opened and a 17% decrease in cases. this is 19 more pending cases than we had for the same period last year. it equals about 29 cases per investigator for a case lode -- load. the o.c.c. is operating with
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three less journey level investigators than it had during the same period last year. during the same period in 2009 we sustained 34, so this is a 41% increase in sustained cases. so the investigators have high productivity in spite of having a very high claces load. in the area of mediations, our mediation program is finally back on track as of informed, -- today, the there have been 33 complaints by -- this year 678 -- year. in august, we facilitated the same number of -- that concludes my report.
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president marshall: anything for director hicks? ok. let me talk cakely about the a forementioned retreat. the lieutenant tells me he got how many responses? >> i believe i just heard from two commission members. >> will you name those two. >> do i have to? president marshall: yes, so i can get rest of their responses. >> commissioner kingsley -- >> i propedsed the date, so it -- i proposed the date. it takes 15 days out, is that right?
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kevin: there is one or two low cages we talk about -- >> and this is also good 40's chief and the assist yapt chief? -- assistant chief? >> the chief has another commitment on that day. president marshall: we don't know the nature of the town hall. >> that was my information on that dates. -- date. one of the main purposes is for us to set priority. priorities.
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at the same time i think we need to ask our director of o.c.c. if she would like to be a part of the retreat if this agenda is of interest fot o.c.c.. >> i thank you very much, commissioner kingsley, and i was surprised that the retreat had been proposed for september 25 because i was not given notification of it. it is, of course, eye public meeting and i do, as the director of o.s. -- c.c. report to this commission. mission as oversight over the office of citizen complaints. in i would like to be part of the commission. part of the retreat. unfortunately i will be out of town on september 25. i am attending a conference in
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seattle that eek. i had planned to be away. i already have travel plans in place. i was unawrare this was being scheduled. >> so the chief is ify. she can't be here. >> what about sunday? >> what about the following sunday? does anybody have anything? because we do want the chief and we do want the director. >> i agree that the o.v.v. should be del if invited. we're talking about consecutiving a gent scomprks -- i think when we set the agenda, i wanted to be clear, it is ven a collaborative effort with the department. we are going to listen to ideas
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and things that the people want. my understand sg there is going to be a portion where we will invite people to speak and where we would take care of business. i wanted to be real clear on that. >> president marshall: the member of the o.c.c. was here when we proposed these dates. >> october 2nd, works for me. >> depuzz october second not work for anyone? >> we're going to try october 2 nd. i would add this, my thought was to ask commissioner kingsley and commissioner clans to work with me on ge


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